Our Story

Kvaisar was born from the desire of its founder to offer high quality jewelry with a modern twist. 
What was available was either of good quality but old fashioned, or modern but with a horrible quality. 
Kvaisar was created in order to fill that gap and to allow modern ladies and gentlemen to add a classy, high quality alternative for their wrists. 
    Our collections are always evolving thanks to our drive to bring change and style for everyone, so be sure to thoroughly check out our website and to stay in touch with us on Social platforms so you don't miss our latest pieces. 
    We strongly believe in the power of the community and strive to empower people who act as leaders, setting the pace in their field and lead the way to a better way of life. 
    That's why we curate the best Instagram Posts of our customer using the hastag: #Kvaisar and feature the best ones on our Official Page. 
    If you have any question, or just want to say hi, please drop us a line at: